Coeur de Gazelles

Our registered non-profit organization Cœur de Gazelles arose out of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Moroc in 2001. The association’s members are deeply committed to providing people with the help they need while fostering sustainable development.

Our commitment is ethical and responsible: every project is "practical and useful" for the population.

Our actions are established on a "human scale“: throughout our collaborations, we work with the local populations to address the source of the problems in order to ensure effective and sustainable help on the long term.

We work with and for the most disadvantaged: our actions, whose needs are assessed on the ground, enable people to become agents of their own development.

We work in a spirit of partnership: we do not create alternative structures; we strengthen and develop existing local structures.

We work with low operating costs: all donations are used for the direct benefit of the population.

Our actions are recognized by government bodies: we act with legitimacy and with the approval of the local authorities.

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Cœur de Gazelles:

In 2016, a 60-member team (doctors, dentists, nurses, logistics staff…) worked during the 8 days of competition.
- 4,489 medical consultations (gynaecology, ophthalmology, paediatrics, general medicine, dental care, diabetes testing...)
- 3,065 prescriptions and treatments, 332 pairs of corrective glasses, 94 ultrasounds, 82 cataract surgeries,
- 7887
people received donations (clothing, hygiene products, shoes, toys...).

Coeur de Gazelles RAG 2016 12min par Rallye-Aicha-des-Gazelles